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HiQ Finland’s Design Innovation Studio (Dis) combines business, innovation, marketing, and user experience. We value diversity and combine strong industry knowledge with killer marketing instincts. Our brand-savvy designers are driven by novelties in the digital world and stay tuned to the latest updates. We are convinced that by user-centric design, we can make a difference and have an impact on people’s everyday life. Dis-Play is a gateway and toolbox where you can find some assets to share and co-create.



Our work is always led with craftsmanship and professionality from strategic decisions to setting design direction and supporting design management. Experience on over 28 industries gives us strenght to explore user needs and experiences from different angles.


Dis is how we work

By following the design thinking process and crosscutting them with lean and agile principles, we can create unique customer experiences. Dis-Play offers you some downloadable tips and methods on how to explore, listen, and ideate.

– Side note
The term “Design Thinking” was coined by design firm Howey-Kelly Design (currently known as IDEO) in the early 1980s. The company’s first works include the first commercial, mass-produced mouse (1984’s Apple Lisa) and Palm handheld (PDA).

Discover - Insight into the problem
Stage 1 of 5
Define - The area to focus upon
Stage 2 of 5
Design brief - Problem definition
Stage 3 of 5
Develop - Potential solutions
Stage 4 of 5
Deliver - Solutions that work
Stage 5 of 5

How we co-create

We coach our clients, help companies’ decision-makers to innovate new business products and improve their existing products.



Design Thinking Camp

Rapid design experiments to companies. This is where some of the best innovations are born.

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Co-creation services

Innovation Session

Rapid design experiments to companies. This is where some of the best innovations are born.

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