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Vapaus . Brand Design and UI UX Design

Vapaus - a Finnish startup with a great business idea and a very honourable goal teamed up with us to create new Vapaus brand design and user experience


Starting point

In the Vapaus project, we didn’t have too much material to work on regarding the brand image except for a logo and one primary color. This is both an advantage and disadvantage for us because we have the freedom to try out new ideas, however we also didn’t have enough content to use as a base for our work.

Vapaus is a very interesting project, considering that their core values are to enhance people’s health, save time and also to save the environment. Inspired by their drive, we agreed to help them re-designing the brand identity and the responsive landing page for the website.


We had our first kick-off meeting back in November 2018 when we had a brainstorm session and jotted down the core business ideas, how could we improve it and how can we communicate that to the potential customers. By understand what services Vapaus offers and how they want to be seen, we began embarked on the design tasks at hand.

We started with rethinking the brand identity. Vapaus’ previous logo represented a wing, which can subtly directs your mind to the word “Freedom” - Vapaus. However it lacks the firmness, the corporate look that our client was looking for. After 2-3 days of working, we presented 3 different approaches and one of which got more approvals than the others, hence we had our winner.

With the brand identity identified, we continued with designing the icon pack and animation of the Vapaus logo. We wanted to keep the feeling of playfulness an modern alongside their more corporate look, and the outcome of this, you could find from the animated Vapaus logo.

The last task was do design a landing page for Vapaus, which we want to seep as simple as possible. In the end, the whole project lasted from November 2018 until early February 2019.


Vapaus was very happy with our design and we agreed to keep in touch since we also want to be kept on track of how the implementation of the design will look like.

You can check the more detailed design summary from here: